Black Petals Issue #91, Spring, 2020

Plum Island
BP Artists and Illustrators
Mars-News, Views and Commentary
A Hole in the Somewhere-Fiction by Richard Brown
Everything Echoes-Fiction by Todd M. Guerra
Exit to Dove's Tail-Fiction by Ken Goldman
I Dream of Fire-Fiction by Matthew Penwell
Living Doll-Fiction by Carl Hughes
Angelika's Tough Decision-Fiction by Roy Dorman
The Cat-Fiction by Chris Alleyne
The Demon-Fiction by Misty Page
The Run-Fiction by Thomas Runge D'Amore
We Are the Monsters We Seek-Fiction by Karen Heslop
Brother of Mine-Flash Fiction by D. C. Plump
New Terror-Flash Fiction by Denis Alvarez Betancourt
The Flapping Thing-Flash Fiction by Robert Masterson
The Clown Loved Cherry Lipstick-Poem by Daniel G. Snethen
Ganymede-Poem by Daniel G. Snethen
Space Probe RH 120-Poem by Daniel G. Snethen
The Buffoon-Poem by Daniel G. Snethen
Just Another Day in My House-Poem by Tom Davidson
Blue Bell Hill Beast-Poem by Richard Stevenson
Plum Island-Poem by Richard Stevenson
The Thing in the Woods-Poem by Loris John Fazio

Plum Island

Richard Stevenson


What goes on on Plum Island?

Only those with top clearance know,

and they ain’t sayin’ squat.


Can only get there by boat

and through scientific/military

approval by the government.


Gotta have the papers.

Boys in Ray Bans and sun tans

frisk you down, Botox-faced!


Do ya hafta pass

thru’ a curtain of certain matter …

or are we all just crazy hatters?


Shouldn’t it, oughtn’t’ it matter?

What are we doing on Plum Island?

So many oddster globsters wash ashore… .


What are we doin’ on Plum Island?

Ain’t so far from Long Island, Holmes!

What have we allowed our boys to do?


Are they out there makin’ golem?

Why are they so glum and solemn?

What are they takin’ apart, puttin’ together?


Shouldn’t there be some kinda tether?

What are they doin’?  In what weather?

Why the mutant remains, James?


What are we doin’ on Plum Island?

Makin’ mutant monster cryptids?

How many got away?  How many gotta stay?


Are we doin’ genetic experiments?

With whose or what DNA?

Didja get any onya?


On the crease of yer dungarees?

Tell me, please!  We need to know!

Is it growin’?  Are we takin’ orders?


What if it gets in our burger meat?!

Could have an epidemic, systemic

take-over of our species, dude!


Could be some genetic probe

lookin’ for a bunghole!  Already jacked

into our genome!  Hold the phone!


Do we even wanna answer it?

Could just be another conduit…!

Homo S., reach out!  Talk to someone!


Tell us what goes on on Plum Island.

The dude with the long fingers – part alien?

Was he to be our greatest pianist?



Richard Stevenson has recently retired from a thirty-year teaching gig at Lethbridge College and has published thirty books and a CD of jazz and poetry in that time.  His most recent books are Rock, Scissors, Paper: The Clifford Olson Murders, a long poem sequence from Dreaming Big Publications in the US (2016), and A Gaggle of Geese, haikai poems and sequences from Alba Publications in the UK (2017). Other poems from Cryptid Shindig have appeared or been accepted by Scryptic, Star*Line, Altered Reality, Cryptid Culture, Polar Borealis, etc.