Black Petals Issue #92, Summer, 2020


BP Artist's Page
Mars-Chris Friend
Misty Page-A Game of Chess
Sean M. Carey-Chilled Bones Under Lovely Skin
Roy Dorman-Death in the Round Room, Part IV
Lael Braday-Magical Perspective
Matt Spangler-Master Smasher
Lena Abou-Khalil-The Nowhere Man
Grace Sielinski-'Port
Gavin McGarvey-The Black Petals
Marc Dickerson-Theater is Dead
C. S. Harbold-The Whispering
Dean Patrick-Vincent's Warning
Doug Park-We Get Him Together
Joseph Hurtgen-Worlds to Conquer
Mickie Bolling-Burke-The Bringer of Darkness
Aaron Hicks-The Last Days
Cindy Rosmus-Out of Juice
Matthew Wilson-Endless Men's Hate
Michael Steven-Hell Rift
Sean Goulding-Hypnagogic
David C. Kopaska-Merkel-In the Land of Giants
Loris John Fazio-The Thing in the Woods
Loris John Fazio-The Beggar Knows
Richard Stevenson-Peg Leg
Richard Stevenson-The Alkali Lake Monster
Richard Stevenson-The Green Man



Sean Goulding


Both the Sun and the moon were nigh,

Dancing in the light of each other,

An innate haze of expected momentum,

Dropped from Juggler’s hands,

But you couldn’t look at the Sun-

It made you grin, and sneeze, and keep your head down,

To gaze upon your shadow,

Your mimic and clown.



Sean Goulding was born in Ireland. He attended the National University of Ireland, Maynooth, where he studied Mental and Moral Philosophy. Since graduation he has taught in Ireland, Saudi Arabia, Yemen and the U.A.E. In 2013 he published ‘This Haunted Island’, an anthology of contemporary Irish ghost stories. He has also had ghost stories and folklore articles published in magazines in Ireland. Sean has travelled extensively throughout Europe, Africa and the Middle East. He enjoys reading, cinema, good food and good company, and is partial to the occasional glass of wine. He is presently based in Sharjah.

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