Black Petals Issue #92, Summer, 2020

Peg Leg

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Misty Page-A Game of Chess
Sean M. Carey-Chilled Bones Under Lovely Skin
Roy Dorman-Death in the Round Room, Part IV
Lael Braday-Magical Perspective
Matt Spangler-Master Smasher
Lena Abou-Khalil-The Nowhere Man
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Gavin McGarvey-The Black Petals
Marc Dickerson-Theater is Dead
C. S. Harbold-The Whispering
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Doug Park-We Get Him Together
Joseph Hurtgen-Worlds to Conquer
Mickie Bolling-Burke-The Bringer of Darkness
Aaron Hicks-The Last Days
Cindy Rosmus-Out of Juice
Matthew Wilson-Endless Men's Hate
Michael Steven-Hell Rift
Sean Goulding-Hypnagogic
David C. Kopaska-Merkel-In the Land of Giants
Loris John Fazio-The Thing in the Woods
Loris John Fazio-The Beggar Knows
Richard Stevenson-Peg Leg
Richard Stevenson-The Alkali Lake Monster
Richard Stevenson-The Green Man

Peg Leg


Richard Stevenson


Another hairy hominid.  This one spotted

along Georgia highways in the seventies.

Distinguishing feature?  A wooden leg?!


Must be human!  A victim of hypertrichosis

on a twilight toot or walkabout, maybe;

didn’t expect any traffic on the back roads.


Booked it into the bush.  Maybe a really hairy hippy

batchin’ it off the grid?  Has furry pajamas

to stave off the winter chill.  Built a yurt.


Maybe he’s really some rich schmuck’s kid

off on a pre-employment lark.  Powers his yurt

with solar panels.  Hangs with Ewell Gibbons.


Subsists on hickory nuts, berries, and tubers –

for a year or two.  Through one winter maybe.

A retreat after grad school?  Maybe…


Maybe he’s just pretendin’ to be a ‘squatch.

Bought a suit from a Hollywood f/x dude.

Decided to get some post-Halloween use –


But that would entail the risk of being shot –

so, no, probably not.  A real Bigfoot who saw

one of us with one?  Rammed his half-leg with a stake?

Richard Stevenson recently retired from a 30-year teaching gig at Lethbridge College and is in the process of selling his house in Lethbridge and moving to Nanaimo, BC.  His most recent publications are Rock, Scissors, Paper: The Clifford Olson Murders (2016) and A Gaggle of Geese (2017).

Action Dachshund! and An Abominable Swamp Slob Named Bob are forthcoming.

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