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by John Short


                   I should get up and sell mice

                   but I’ll stay here instead

                   in the warm, embryonic bed,

                   and what is a mouse’s life?


Getting your head crushed

                   for a bit of cheese,

                   or squirming like an addict

                   under the merciless paw.


                   I sink in dreams, a jaded skull

                   traipsing hair, all the way down

                   to the sad, depleted market

                   where I meet the others:


                   the mobile soup dispenser,

                   nail technician, vapor salesman,

                   the free clinic handing out

                   some virgin plastic.


                   This town is full of charity

                   while the defunct rest in coffins,

                   devoid of any magic—there

                   are shops that buy their clothes.




John Short lives, writes, and drinks in Liverpool (UK). A member of Liver Bards and other local groups, he’s been published in places like Yellow Mama Webzine, Hobo Camp Review, Barcelona Ink, Kissing Dynamite, Rat’s Ass Review, and Poetry Salzburg. His pamphlet Unknown Territory (28 poems about Greece) appeared in June from Black Light Engine Room press. He blogs sporadically at Tsarkoverse.

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