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An Accidental Suicide-Fiction by Pamela Ebel
Dead Revival-Fiction by Vinnie Hansen
Deep-Fiction by Jon Park
Four Slugs-Fiction by C. A. Rowland
Note to Self-Fiction by Peter W. J. Hayes
Fool's Paradise-Fiction by Cindy Rosmus
One-Armed and Dangerous-Fiction by Zakariah Johnson
Ray's Mistake-Fiction by Elena E.Smith
Shoplifting Lessons-Fiction by M. A. De Neve
Little Jimmy's Special Days-Fiction by Tom Barker
Lorraine's Recipe-Fiction by Alison Kaiser
The Italian Job-Fiction by Joe Surkiewicz
The Gas Man-Fiction by Kenneth James Crist
Deep Cuts at the Inner Groove-Fiction by Jeff Esterholm
No Reason-Flash Fiction by K. A. Williams
The Tourist-Flash Fiction by Max Thrax
The Rebound-Flash Fiction by Kathleen Bryson
Caveman-Flash Fiction by Ben Newell
This is Nothing. This is Nowhere. September, 2008-Poem by John Doyle
What I Expected-Poem by Luis Cuauhtemoc Berriozabal
Thank You-Poem by Meg Baird
She Sings the Rum Song to Me-Poem by Otto Burnwell
Whiskey at the Horseman-Poem by Otto Burnwell
Conversing With Dark Passions-Poem by KJ Hannah Greenberg
Floof-Poem by KJ Hannah Greenberg
Beyond Our Cities-Poem by Ayaz Daryl Nielsen
Rose-Colored Clouds-Poem by Ayaz Daryl Nielsen
Questioning-Poem by Scott Cumming
Running Until We Run Out-Poem by Scott Cumming
Lost Without Knowing It-Poem by Richard LeDue
Unwell-Poem by Richard LeDue
What Are You Waiting For?-Poem by Richard LeDue
All I Ask-Poem by John Grey
Gigolette-Poem by John Grey
The Grave-Robbers in the Distance-Poem by John Grey
Cartoons by Cartwright
Hail, Tiger!
Angel of Manslaughter
Strange Gardens
Gutter Balls
Calpurnia's Window
No Place Like Home
Dark Tales from Gent's Pens



You could be a winner!

For Yellow Mama’s 15th Anniversary issue, we’re having a Flash Fiction Contest, and you could be a winner! In addition to having your work published in our (semi) famous magazine, winners will accumulate some nice, signed copies of Cindy’s and Kenny’s latest books (bound to be collector’s items someday) from Hekate Publishing. Here are the rules:

  1. All entries must be original work, (no reprints) and made by email to crosmus@hotmail.com as a file attachment in MS Word (any version) or as an Adobe PDF file, and clearly marked “Contest entry”. Please put your name on the manuscript somewhere. Entries will be closed as of January 1st, 2022.

  2. Entries are flash fiction only, consisting of 700 words or less and should be formatted in Times New Roman 12-point, double-spaced.

  3. Subject matter is left up to the writer, but must comply with Yellow Mama’s regular guidelines… (don’t kill the dog, don’t rape the cat, don’t burn the kids alive, don’t mess with anyone’s religion, don’t defile the corpses, etc.)

  4. Winners will be notified and offered the standard contract for their work, and their stories will be published in the Valentine’s Day issue, February 15th, 2022.

  5. Valentine’s Day-themed entries will have a better chance of winning and the darker, the better!

  6. Non-winners may also be offered a contract for future publication, if we like what you have to say…

  7. There will be a winner, first runner-up and second runner-up chosen by consensus of your esteemed Editor and her Web-Master guy.

  8. And, finally, entries will be limited to two (2) per person. We're like everyone else, only so many hours in the day. Thanks, and good luck!

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