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Christopher Hivner: Night Poem

Art by Nancy Soriano 2022

Night Poem


by Christopher Hivner


I can’t see

to write,

attempting an

outside vibe,

but the sun

has gone down,

now I sit

in the dark

with an electric poem

wallowing in my head,

my handwriting in the notebook

disjointed lines

forming not so much words

as hieroglyphics

with no translation.

Go inside, you say,

but the atmosphere

is different there,

artificial light,

separate smells,

no noises of nature,

only the groan

of ancient water pipes

and the slither

of ghosts in the walls.

If I walk away

from my outside mojo

it may not follow me

past the force field

of the door frame.

The poem could be lost

and what if it’s the one,

the lines I’ve been

trying to write

for thirty years?

What if it

could unlock being me

or explain

why people leave?

What if it’s funny

and makes readers laugh?

What if it’s the last poem

I ever write,

one final idea

that solves everything?

My ruminations

have distracted me

while the poem

made its escape,

walking right out of my head

past my pen.

I was a fool

to think I could

capture a night poem

in the light

and now I have to pay

the starry muse

with blank paper.



Christopher Hivner writes from a small town in Pennsylvania surrounded by books and the echoes of music. He has recently been published in Monomyth and Weird Reader. Facebook: Christopher Hivner - Author, Twitter: @Your_screams

Nancy Soriano grew up in New York City and now resides in the Hudson Valley. She loves the darker side of art—and life. She is rediscovering her love of photography through her latest muse, her cat Zoey. 

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