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John Grey: On the Commuter Train

Art by Bernice Holtzman 2022



by John Grey



Baron Frankenstein's head

is buried in an old yellowing chemistry book.

Igor sits beside him, hands fidgeting,

the ones in his large brown bag likewise.

Larry Talbot rubs his chin, wonders,

"Did I shave this morning?

Does that even matter?"

Count Dracula is primping in a mirror,

combing, adjusting, fiddling,

until he can't see a thing.

Doctor Jekyll and Mister Hyde

almost didn't make it . . .

a half hour trying to convince

the ticket seller they should

only pay one fare.

The Mummy just wants to

add a momentary doze

to his many centuries of sleep

but the nouveau-frightful,

Jason, Freddy Krueger, and Chucky

are being loud and obnoxious.

And the alien boards suddenly

and violently, tearing

through the ceiling of the train.

"Decrepit mansions not good enough

for you," sneers the butler

from the old dark house.

A gaggle of ogres is ogling


"She can give me orders any time," one snickers.

"Tiny out of the way English village"

and the invisible man departs.

The Witch-finder General gets off

at seventeenth century superstitious British Isles.

Various poltergeists detrain at American suburbia,

giant bugs at the 50s stop.

More journey. Another station.

"Fog shrouded Whitechapel in the 1880s!"

screams the conductor

A well-known artist, a member of the royal family,

a Russian sailor, a Hungarian butcher, and a Harley Street specialist,

all glance up.



John Grey is an Australian poet, U.S. resident, recently published in Sheepshead Review, Stand, Poetry Salzburg Review, and Hollins Critic. Latest books, Covert, Memory Outside the Head, and Guest of Myself are available through Amazon. Work upcoming in Ellipsis, Blueline, and International Poetry Review.

Bernice Holtzman’s paintings and collages have appeared in shows at various venues in Manhattan, including the Back Fence in Greenwich Village, the Producer’s Club, the Black Door Gallery on W. 26th St., and one other place she can’t remember, but it was in a basement, and she was well received.

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