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g emil reutter: Belle in the Bottom

Art by KJ Hannah Greenberg 2023

Belle in the Bottom *


by g. emil reutter


It was a brutal night

the kind they say

a man’s breath

freezes in the air.

Navigating through

a thick fog, a schooner

alerted Willets of

Tuckerton there were

cries moaning from

the shoreline.


Willetts and crew shoved

off blinded by the fog

as its ships bell rang and

clanged into the deafening

mist. No cries could be heard

no other bells rang, just

dead air.


Several hours they searched

along the outer bar for the

troubled ship to no avail.

Then suddenly the darkened

hull of an overturned ship

did appear in the shoals.

Bodies bobbed in the sea

bodies hung from rigging

none alive. Steadying

themselves Willets and

crew climbed aboard the

barnacled hull of the beached



Just underfoot near the keel

Willets heard a tapping coming

from below. Ax in hand he began

chopping, tearing, chopping the

hull. The wood gave way and a

young woman was pulled from

the hull to safety. Her name was

not written down, she knew no

English. Upon reaching land

she marked the sand, disappeared

into the foggy mainland never to

be seen again. Some say she went

to Philadelphia, some say she went

into the pines and others say she

never left. Her name unknown as

the ship she was aboard


Anonymous, the belle in the bottom

survived, sailors frozen to death in

the shoals, a ship destroyed in the

hard winter of the Atlantic and a

town born of the sorrow.    



*The Town, Ship Bottom, New Jersey

g emil reutter is a writer of poems and stories. He can be found at: https://gereutter.wordpress.com/about/

KJ Hannah Greenberg is eclectic. She’s played oboe, participated in martial arts, learned basket weaving, and studied Middle Eastern dancing. What’s more, she’s a certified herbalist, and an AP College Board-authorized teacher of calculus.

Her creative efforts have been nominated once for The Best of the Net in poetry, once for The Best of the Net in art, three times for the Pushcart Prize in Literature for poetry, once for the Pushcart Prize in Literature for fiction, once for the Million Writers Award for fiction, and once for the PEN/Diamonstein-Spielvogel Award for the Art of the Essay. To boot, Hannah’s had more than forty-five books published and has served as an editor for several literary journals. Channie’s latest book is Eternal not Ephemeral, Eternal not Ephemeral: Greenberg, KJ Hannah: 9798852494016: Amazon.com: Books, a collection of fifty tales, including "Absinthe for Aliens," "Isabelle," "Transitory Unease," and "Special Teeth," which were originally published in Yellow Mama or Black Petals. 

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