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John Grey: His Gallery

Art by Kenneth James Crist © 2024



by John Grey


At first, she's impressed, awed even,

by the stuffed and mounted heads on his wall.

"That rhino made the mistake of charging me,"

he says, as she admires the huge gray head

topped with one, erect, threatening horn.

The lion is even more dazzling.

His mane is high and proud.

Those intimidating teeth

look set to rip a man's flesh from his bone.

"It was either me or him," he explains.

But when it comes to the smaller, cuter creatures

like the rabbit or the squirrel,

her mood droops like her face,

is overwhelmed by sadness, sympathy.

"Practice for the real thing," he says.

And then, beyond these tiny feature creatures,

the display turns into something more horrifying.

She trembles at the sight of a human head,

a middle-aged man with florid cheeks,

eyes bulging, mouth wide open,

frozen in eternal castigation

"The old man and me never did get along,"


A few more young men follow.

 "You tend to have a lot of enemies in this business."

And then a beautiful, though sour-faced, woman.

"It never did work out."


There's one space on the wall,

room enough for one more trophy.

Before she can ask for whom or what it is intended,

he whispers in her ear,

"You know something, you could very well be Miss Right."

She smiles

but then realizes,

her tour began from the far left.




John Grey is an Australian poet, U.S. resident, recently published in New World Writing, California Quarterly, and Lost Pilots. Latest books, Between Two Fires, Covert, and Memory Outside the Head, are available through Amazon. Work upcoming in Isotrope Literary Journal, Seventh Quarry, La Presa, and Doubly Mad.

Kenneth James Crist is the editor of Black Petals Horror/Science Fiction Magazine and considers himself no kind of artist at all…

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