Black Petals Issue #73 Fall, 2015

Mars-News, Views and Commentary
A Journey Starts with a Flower-Fiction by Roy Dorman
Cold Surprise-Fiction by Paul Strickland
Final Run_Fiction by A. M. Stickel, Editor
Gift of the Anasazi-Fiction by Kenneth James Crist
Killer Deal-Fiction by Denny Marshall
Please Remember Me-Fiction by Charles C. Cole
Safe Haven, Part I-Fiction by Denis Bushlatov
Safe Haven, Part II-Fiction by Denis Bushtalov
The City-Fiction by Wayne Haroutunian
The Witch and the Rock-Fiction by Janet C. Ro
Roadside Accident-2 poems by Denny Marshall
Journey to the Devil's Shore-Poem by Grant Tarbard




On Angel Wings to the Heart of Things by A.M. Stickel



Who among us has not pondered the world our senses cannot detect? Must we die to be transported there? Or are we somehow standing in its heart already?

Consider the works by this issue’s contributors. For Roy Dorman’s shape-shifter uprooted from reality, A Journey Starts with a Flower. Paul Strickland’s Cold Surprise strands three young men, who learn too late which spring break destinations to avoid. My own offering follows a pair of Transylvanian smugglers on their Final Run. Editor Kenneth J. Crist’s Gift of the Anasazi allows a history buff his heart’s exchange for who he is. Killer Deal by Denny Marshall presents a murderer a deadly offer he dares not refuse. Charles C. Cole’s fabled character makes a heartbreaking last wish in Please Remember Me. Safe Haven, Parts 1 & 2 by Denis Bushlatov moves from civilized reality to a seaside ‘spa’ complete with hot and cold running horror. The City by Wayne Haroutunian sends a soul on a surreal odyssey. In (editor’s favorite) The Witch and the Rock by Janet C. Ro, a true heart is not deceived by appearances.

Journey to the Devil’s Shore with poet Grant Tarbard. On your way, stop to appreciate poet Denny Marshall’s “6 Tanka” and “Roadside Accident.” Don’t forget to check out Chris Friend’s MARS News column, including two seasonal poems, as he takes us into the history and mythology surrounding Halloween.

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