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The Horrific Death of Sammy the Shadow Boxer-Fiction by Salvatore Ritchie
Lacey's Closet-Fiction by Justin Swartz
The Anniversary-Fiction by Roy Dorman
Mr. McFadden-Fiction by Cameron Filas
Silverman's Nightmare-Fiction by Kenneth James Crist
Me and the James Gang-Fiction by Samantha Memi
The Man in Room 3327-Fiction by Paul "Deadeye" Dick
The Changing Fortunes of Dr. Jacobs-Fiction by Jack McMannus
The Botched Hit-Fiction by Max Miller
Paradise is Over Yonder-Fiction by Robert Shepherd
Ladies' Day at Sam's Place-Fiction by Ray Nessly
The Young Man from Coventry-Fiction by W. Jack Savage
But Not Defeated-Fiction by Jerry McGinley
Welcome, Ghouls-Flash Fiction by Cindy Rosmus
Long Story for the New Bride-Flash Fiction by Paul Beckman
Möbius-Flash Fiction by Janet M. Aldrich
Little White Lie-Flash Fiction by Chris Stucchio
The Girl from Planet XES-Flash Fiction by Dr. Mel Waldman
the weight of bones-poem by ayaz daryl nielsen
Celebrity and Simplicity-Poem by Sam Rapth
The Fight for Matilda-Poem by David Spicer
The Unwilling Visitor-Poem by Meg Baird
Faces-Poem by Trina Stolec
Revolution in the Madhouse-Poem by Dr. Mel Waldman
camp blood-Poem by Ben Newell
dude, what's her name?-Poem by Ben Newell
Twenty Days After Release-Poem by Kenneth P. Gurney
Sumter Dispatch-Poem by Kenneth P. Gurney
At Nine Years Old-Poem by John Grey
Normal-Poem by John Grey
Wraith-Poem by John Grey
Hail, Tiger!
Angel of Manslaughter
The Gazing Ball
Strange Gardens
Gutter Balls
Calpurnia's Window
No Place Like Home

Issue #46, October, 2014

Art by Paul "Deadeye" Dick © 2014

     This website contains material which should not be opened or viewed by persons under the age of 18. Certain stories and poems on this site must be considered "adult" material. This is NOT a porn site, however, some of the material contained herein could be offensive to some people.
     At Yellow Mama, we don't spare the horses, so just be advised, if you are easily offended or under 18 years of age, PLEASE DON'T GO THERE!


The 2011 Preditors and Editors Awards are in! Once again, we had a pretty good showing.
In the category "Best Mainstream Short Story Cindy Rosmus placed #2 with her story "Death Takes a Snow Day" in Pulp Metal Magazine
In the category "Best Science Fiction and Fantasy Short Story, "The Day Willy Found the Alien" by Kenneth James Crist, published in YELLOW MAMA, tied for #9.
In the category Best Artwork Page, "The Plumber", by Richard Godwin, illustrated by Paul "Deadeye" Dick placed #5.
In the category Best Magazine/Ezine Cover Art, YELLOW MAMA cover by Paul "Deadeye" Dick placed #5.
Under Magazine/Ezine editors, Cindy Rosmus of YELLOW MAMA tied for #7.
For Best Fiction Magazine/Ezine, YELLOW MAMA  came out #6
And for Best Poetry Magazine/Ezine, YELLOW MAMA  placed #4.
Thanks to those of you who voted for us, we appreciate that you took the time.

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