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Issue # 95, December 15th, 2022

Art by Mike Kerins 2022

     This website contains material which should not be opened or viewed by persons under the age of 18. Certain stories and poems on this site must be considered "adult" material. This is NOT a porn site, however, some of the material contained herein could be offensive to some people.
     At Yellow Mama, we don't spare the horses, so just be advised, if you are easily offended or under 18 years of age, PLEASE DON'T GO THERE!

Cindy Rosmus: Editor, Fearless Leader, Legendary Lady

"Welcome to YELLOW MAMA, a crime fiction 'zine as sizzling as the chair it's named after."

Note: At Yellow Mama, we deal in FICTION, just for entertainment. We never condone senseless mass murders and our hearts go out to the victims of all mass shootings, terrorist attacks and other acts of senseless violence. We are holding them in our thoughts and prayers.

Hi all, 

  I'm sorry to tell you that Ann Marie Rhiel, YELLOW MAMA's Assistant Art Director, passed away on Tuesday, Jan. 24. 

  Annie loved being part of the YM family. She was also an amazing artist who may have illustrated some of your stories, or poems. Her covers were phenomenal. We will all miss her artwork, and especially her, very much.  

  Here is the obituary, if anyone would like to send a sympathy card, or plant a tree in her memory: 


 Annie's family is very private so please don't post anything on Facebook, or other social media. 

  Thank you.  



Ann Marie Rhiel

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Ron Capshaw
Justin Swartz
Tom Koperwas
Mike Kanner
Lamont A. Turner
John J. Dillon
M. L. Fortier
JM Taylor
Mark Jabaut
Robert Pettus
Jacob Graysol
Sandra Arnold
Lester L. Weil
Daniel G. Snethen
M. A. De Neve
Adelaide Barker
George Garnet
Cindy Rosmus
Brian Barnett
Jon Park
Shari Held
Rick McQuiston
T. Fox Dunham
Steve Carr
Richard Le Due
John Doyle
Juan Mobili
ayaz daryl nielsen
John Tustin
Bradford Middleton
J.J. Campbell


Cover: Mike Kerins

John Sowder

Steve Cartwright

Wayne F. Burke

Nancy Soriano

Londyyn Thomas

Kevin Duncan

Darren Blanch

Michael D. Davis

Bernice Holtzman

Henry Stanton

Sophia Wiseman-Rose

W. Jack Savage

Cindy Rosmus

Hillary Lyon

Joseph Richkus

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