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Karma at the Charlie Hotel: Fiction by Louella Lester
Acceptable Margin of Inventory Loss: Fiction by Charlie Kondek
The Racing Rocks: Fiction by Kenneth James Crist
The Preacher Woman of Reverie, Oklahoma: Fiction by Ann Marie Potter
Justice Served: Fiction by Glen Bush
A Broken String of Love Beads: Fiction by Hillary Lyon
Revenge and Redemption: Fiction by Walt Trizna
Thirst: Fiction by Cindy Rosmus
The Solar Punks: Fiction by James Blakey
Rito Was a High Number: Fiction by Fred Andersen
The Parcel: Fiction by Robb White
Red Wine and Cyanide: Fiction by Adrian Fahy
The Crowd: Fiction by Jack Garrett
The Offal Truth: Fiction by Scott MacLeod
Madam Maree Sees Your Future: Flash Fiction by Jon Park
Wereworm: Flash Fiction by Daniel G Snethen
Promises: Flash fiction by Richard Brown
No Need to Cry: Flash Fiction by Zvi A. Sesling
The Classy Woman: Flash Fiction by William Kitcher
oh how i wish: Poem by Rob Plath
Bird in Flight, Nullarbor Plain, 1967: Poem by John Doyle
Pools: Poem by Bernice Holtzman
I Exist Inside an Invisible Poem Everlasting & Overflowing: Poem by Dr. Mel Waldman
Let me drop the last chapter: Poem by Partha Sarkar
Excursion: The Cruise Ship Chronicles: Poem by Jake Sheff
We'll Always Have Two Things to Hold: Poem by Chandu Govind
why nothing else matters: Poem by John Sweet
the pale grey light of forgotten afternoons: Poem by John Sweet
Orchestra Class: Poem by Elizabeth Zelvin
The Old Lady Shows Her Mettle: Poem by Elizabeth Zelvin
Eggs Over Easy: Poem by Peter Mladinic
Pretty Face: Poem by Peter Mladinic
Another Saturday Night: Poem by Richard LeDue
My Death Knells: Poem by Richard LeDue
Poems as Cheap as Christmas Lights: Poem by Richard LeDue
Dead Work: Poem by John Grey
How He Died: Poem by John Grey
The Man in Their Midst: Poem by John Grey
First at Pimlico: Poem by Craig Kirchner
4 AM: Poem by Craig Kirchner
Leap Year: Poem by Craig Kirchner
Cartoons by Cartwright
Hail, Tiger!
Strange Gardens
Dark Tales from Gent's Pens

Issue # 104, June 15th, 2024

Cover Art by Bernice Holtzman © 2024

     This website contains material which should not be opened or viewed by persons under the age of 18. Certain stories and poems on this site must be considered "adult" material. This is NOT a porn site, however, some of the material contained herein could be offensive to some people.
     At Yellow Mama, we don't spare the horses, so just be advised, if you are easily offended or under 18 years of age, PLEASE DON'T GO THERE!

Cindy Rosmus: Editor, Fearless Leader, Legendary Lady

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(In order of appearance)
Louella Lester
Charlie Kondek
Kenneth James Crist
Ann Marie Potter
Glen Bush
Hillary Lyon
Walt Trizna
Cindy Rosmus
James Blakey
Fred Andersen
Robb White
Adrian Fahy
Jack Garrett
Scott MacLeod
Jon Park
Daniel G. Snethen
Richard Brown
Zvi A. Sesling
William Kitcher
Rob Plath
John Doyle
Bernice Holtzman
Dr. Mel Waldman
Partha Sarkar
Jake Sheff
Chandu Govind
John Sweet
Elizabeth Zelvin
Peter Mladinic
Richard LeDue
John Grey
Craig Kirchner


Cover: Bernice Holtzman

Bernice Holtzman

Mandi Rose

Kevin Duncan

Sophia Wiseman-Rose

Lonni Lees

John Thompson

Darren Blanch

Henry Stanton

Hillary Lyon

Cynthia Fawcett

KJ Hannah Greenberg

Jack Garrett

John Sowder

Michael D. Davis

Luis Cuauhtémoc Berriozábal

Steve Cartwright

J. Elliott

Joseph Richkus

Cindy Rosmus

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