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We the Jury; Fiction by Barbara Stanley
Emptying the Trash: Fiction by Rick McQuiston
Milepost 44: Fiction by Kenneth James Crist
Planetary Perpetrator: Fiction by James Flynn
A Thin Thread: Fiction by M. E. Proctor
What Is the Song the Children Sing?: Fiction by Paul Radcliffe
A Bottle of Sherry: Fiction by Hillary Lyon
Junipers: Fiction by Liberty Price
Institution Inspector No. 23: Fiction by Michael Fowler
Nightmares of Nightmares: Fiction by John J. Dillon
When You're Dead, You're Done!: Fiction by Pamela Ebel
Family Business: Fiction by Donald Glass
Colors: Flash Fiction by Bernice Holtzman
Gladiators: Flash Fiction by John C. Mannone
Pigeons in the Park: Flash Fiction by Roy Dorman
Kitsy: Flash Fiction by Cindy Rosmus
the look of legs: Poem by Meg Baird
Mike's 80th Birthday: Poem by Elizabeth Zelvin
The Art of Flying: Poem by John C. Mannone
Magazine Sestina: Poem by Peter Mladinic
Been Down So Low, It Now Sounds Great: Poem by Bradford Middleton
the burnt globe and the pregnancy: Poem by Partha Sarkar
Evening Alone: Poem by Craig Kirchner
Larry, Moe, and Me: Poem by Craig Kirchner
I Live the Life I Chose: Poem by Richelle Slota
Death House: Poem by Richelle Slota
he died of cancer: Poem by Wayne F. Burke
Night: Poem by Wayne F. Burke
and they are prancing: Poem by ayaz daryl nielsen
full of thoughts and hopes: Poem by ayaz daryl nielsen
threading a needle: Poem by ayaz daryl nielsen
Atlas Yearns for Retirement: Poem by Richard Allen Taylor
Frown: Poem by Richard Allen Taylor
Why is the Sky Cerulean?: Poem by Richard Allen Taylor
Awakening: Poem by Dr. Mel Waldman
Swirling in the Chaos: Poem by Dr. Mel Waldman
The Moira: Poem by Dr. Mel Waldman
Midnight Molt: Poem by Michael Keshigian
Moments Before Awakening: Poem by Michael Keshigian
The Messenger: Poem by Michael Keshigian
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Dark Tales from Gent's Pens
Art by Bernice Holtzman © 2024

Editor’s Page for Yellow Mama Issue #103 – Apr. 15, 2024



Happy Easter, all!

Easter is a great holiday, both for Christians and non-Christians. It’s a time of spiritual rebirth. This year, we feel it stronger. On April 6, Yellow Mama poet Meg Baird passed away. Since 2012 Meg was a close friend and a big part of YM. We will miss her terribly.

In memory of this beautiful and talented lady, Issue #103 is dedicated to Meg Baird.

My friend loved YM and probably biting the ears off chocolate bunnies and the idea of having an Easter egg fight. And how thrilling it is to find symbolic “Easter eggs” hidden in stuff, like movies, and stories.


Well, this issue of Yellow Mama has plenty, some in plain sight!

In Barbara Stanley’s “We the Jury,” a lot is going on, behind the scenes. James Flynn’s “Planetary Perpetrator” is a good reason to keep AI out of the courtroom. Michael Fowler’s “Institution Inspector No. 23” is hot to stomp out nursing home abuse (or . . . not!). Donald Glass’s “Family Business” is one best kept out of the family. And M. E. Proctor’s “A Thin Thread” is a sneak peek into one of the biggest conspiracy theories of all time!

Other fine stories include Paul Radcliffe’s “What Is the Song the Children Sing?,” in which a child’s ghost searches for her parents. In Kenneth James Crist’s tale, a young wife haunts “Milepost 44.” Roy Dorman’s “Pigeons in the Park” have their own agenda. And, for one of the most heart-wrenching twists ever, check out Bernice Holtzman’s “Colors.”

Our poetry lineup features a rerun of “the look of legs,” by Meg Baird, as well as powerful works by YM’s favorite shrinks: Liz Zelvin and Dr. Mel Waldman. Also check out new poems by Richelle Slota, Michael Keshigian, Craig Kirchner, and others.

Full-length and flash fiction stories (and some poems) are individually illustrated by our gifted artists: Bernice Holtzman, Joseph Richkus, Kevin Duncan, Hillary Lyon, J. Elliott, Sophia Wiseman-Rose, Luis Cuauhtémoc Berriozábal, Steve Cartwright, Michael D. Davis, Henry Stanton, Cynthia Fawcett, Darren Blanch, W. Jack Savage, John Thompson, Ann Marie Rhiel, and Rebecca Holtzman.

          Spring is definitely here with Rob Plath’s cover, featuring his beloved Daisy. Check it out!

If you want to submit full-length fiction, flash fiction, or poetry, check out our guidelines page.

Also, please sign our guestbook! If you have comments about Yellow Mama or any stories or poems we publish, you may leave comments there.

And check out our Archives I and II, to catch recent stories or poems by your favorite writers you might’ve missed.

 And thanks for reading!


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