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An Accidental Suicide-Fiction by Pamela Ebel
Dead Revival-Fiction by Vinnie Hansen
Deep-Fiction by Jon Park
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Fool's Paradise-Fiction by Cindy Rosmus
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Running Until We Run Out-Poem by Scott Cumming
Lost Without Knowing It-Poem by Richard LeDue
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Editor's Page for August, 2021


Editor’s Page for Yellow Mama Issue #87 – Aug. 15, 2021


Summer is raging, right now. Sometimes we feel married to our A/Cs. We bitch about heat, and in the winter, we bitch about snow. Still, as long as the sun’s up till 8 PM, I’m happy. It’ll get dark at 4:30 soon enough.

The pandemic is still with us, with new variants. It’s so frustrating. We take a few steps forward, then back again. Will all this ever end?  

At Yellow Mama we do our best to distract you from real-life horrors with powerful noir and crime stories and poetry. And guess what? In honor of our 15th-Anniversary issue (#90 – Feb. 15, 2022), we’re having a Valentine’s Day flash fiction contest! Check the navigation bar on the Home Page for details.

This issue we have a sensational lineup:

In Kenneth James Crist’s “The Gas Man,” vigilante Crank masquerades as a utilities guy to avenge his niece’s death. Elena E. Smith’s “Ray’s Mistake” pits a trucker against a grieving widower with a secret. In C. A. Rowland’s tale, a man is found with “Four Slugs” in him, four years after his disappearance. And in Zachariah Johnson’s story, a close-mouthed teen is still “One-Armed and Dangerous.”  

Other fine stories include Alison Kaiser’s “Lorraine’s Recipe,” in which a battered wife finds a delicious way to reverse her situation. Jon Park’s “Deep” gives us a new meaning to the term “being neighborly.” And in Vinnie Hansen’s moving “Dead Revival,” a meth head turned Dead Head finds a surrogate mother during an attempted robbery.  

Our poetry lineup includes phenomenal poems by Meg Baird, Richard LeDue, Otto Burnwell, Scott Cumming, and even some pre-Halloween works by the chilling John Grey!

Full-length and flash fiction stories (and some poems) are individually illustrated by our gifted artists: Kevin Duncan, Hillary Lyon, Steve Cartwright, Ann Marie Rhiel, Michael D. Davis, Darren Blanch, Henry Stanton, Cynthia Fawcett, KJ Hannah Greenberg, Jack Real, and Mike Knowles.

And check out our “beach” collage cover by Keith Coates Walker!

If you want to submit full-length fiction, flash fiction, or poetry, check out our guidelines page.

Also, please sign our guestbook! If you have comments about Yellow Mama or any stories or poems we publish, you may leave comments there.

And check out our revised Archives, to catch recent stories or poems by your favorite writers you might’ve missed.

 Most of all, thanks for reading!

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