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Michael Keshigian: The Messenger

Art by Rebecca Holtzman 2024



by Michael Keshigian


Approaching dusk breaks his heart,

the rising moon represents nothing more

than a source of inactivity,

because, of course, he loves the dawn,

the noisy, cacophonous conversations of birds,

bugs, and bees in buds, forging him forward

in khaki shorts and sleeveless attire

to sit in the park and celebrate life.

But he senses the moment has arrived

and his levels of attainment have climaxed

as he turns to notice a dove

perched on the bench alongside,

a handsome specimen with dark eyes

and snow-white down,

though its tail feathers streaked

rainbow colors from which he inferred

that the fowl had flown from paradise

to become his guide through an enchanting journey,

helping him navigate the shadows of lore

toward a place where blue walls radiate

a continuous light behind the black sheet

stars attempt to obscure,

where he will sit upon a stool of sunshine

and this messenger muse will explain all,

reinforcing the significance of his presence,

how his efforts will influence

rather than evaporate in a toxic doom

the sciences foresee,

that the heavens will not collapse,

that he was not born by chance

to occupy a temporary space

in a cryptic, accidental place.




Michael Keshigian had his 14th poetry collection, What to Do With Intangibles released by Cyberwit.net. He has been published in numerous national and international journals, including Oyez Review, Red River Review, Sierra Nevada College Review, Oklahoma Review, and Chiron Review and has appeared as feature writer in twenty publications with 7 Pushcart Prize and 3 Best Of The Net nominations.

Rebecca Holtzman was an artist and author of short fiction, essays, children’s stories, a collection of nonfiction stories about growing up with her large family, titled The Mama Stories, and pointed letters to the editor. She was a talented poet, lyricist, and parodist, the winner of the jingle-writing contest for the Broadway play Two Gentlemen of Verona in the 1970s, and in 1981 had her poem selected by the New York Statue Committee as the winning entry to become the inscription for the statue, “Cosmopolis,” by Nikos Korkantzis for “The Cosmopolis Project.” Her essays have appeared in Reader’s Digest and the column “A View From the Audience” in Playbill. Rebecca was a member of ASCAP and had one of her songs performed in The Songwriter’s Showcase in 1991. An elementary school secretary for 20 years, Rebecca was the writer of her school’s annual Christmas party musicals, featuring her song parodies.

Rebecca’s daughter continues to be in awe of her and is sure she left something out of her mother’s extensive bio.

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