Black Petals Issue #104, Summer 2023

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Mars-News, Views and Commentary
A Question of Money: Fiction by Eric Burbridge
Behold, a White Horse; Fiction by Spencer Jepma
Crawling Flesh: Fiction by Michael Stoll
Elm Weaver: N. G. Leonetti
Hunger: Fiction by Mark Jabaut
Mr. Fuzzypants: Fiction by Paul Radcliffe
Stop the World: Fiction by Roy Dorman
The Road Less Taken: Fiction by Albert N. Katz
The Washer Woman: Fiction by Sophia Wiseman-Rose
Underneath the Sheet: Fiction by Hillary Lyon
Shining Up Grandma: Fiction by Kenneth James Crist
The Children of 666 Middle School: Flash Fiction by M. L. Fortier
Bleed: Flash Fiction by Liam Spinage
Good Times: Flash Fiction by Ronin Fox
Time Lost: Flash Fiction by Bruce Costello
Unhappy Shadow: Flash Fiction by Paul Radcliffe
Cemetery Road: Poem by Joseph V. Danoski
Chasing Desolation: Poem by Joseph V. Danoski
Detroit Jurassic: Poem by Joseph V. Donaski
Colonia Somnia: Poem by Bianca Alu-Marr
The Precipice: Poem by Bianca Alu-Marr
Dread: Poem by LindaAnn LoSchiavo
Home Movies: Poem by Christopher Hivner
Peppermint Twist: Poem by Christopher Hivner
There's Always Tomorrow Night: Poem by Christopher Hivner
Joke: Poem by DJ Tyrer
Ceramic Duck: Poem by Pete Mladinic
Choice: Poem by Pete Mladinic
To Stop the Killing: Poem by Pete Mladinic
Reaper: Poem by David Barber

Joseph V. Donaski: Detroit Jurassic

Detroit Jurassic


Joseph V. Danoski


Old Pontiac rolling down the road

Like a dying dinosaur;

A wounded classic out of the past,

Whose engine’s lost its mighty roar.


The sleek design of a bygone breed,

Still alive for one more ride;

A survivor in these changing times,

Detroit Jurassic built with pride.


Roll back the years to a golden age,

Before cheap and foreign made;

When dragster racing was all the rage,

And leather jackets made the grade.


Old Indian rattling up the road

In a battered Cherokee;

He once was a weekend warrior,

Now last stand with a broken knee.


Life was muscle cars and lover’s lanes,

Drive-in theaters and hot rods;

Cool were the rebels without a cause,

Racing the clock to beat the odds.


Whether 6 cylinder or V8,

2.2 or 4 at best;

We pushed production to cutting edge,

And put the limits to the test.


Old factory closing in our town,

Laying off two-thousand men;

We fade away into better days,

To be remembered now and then.


We fade away into yesterdays

Of time was and remember when.

Joseph V. Danoski, Dojonaki05@Netscape.Net and, lives happily on the plains of his imagination in the White Mountains of New Hampshire. Under the pen name “Jonathan Konrad,” he published his first poetry chap book, Shock Waves: Letters from the Edge, in 1987. It has been favorably reviewed and is available from the poet for $6.95. Many of his poems have also been published in his city newspaper, The Berlin Reporter, and, by request—for the 1997 Berlin Centennial—he delivered his poem “The City Built from Trees” at City Hall. Preferring speculative fiction, the author also loves writing letters and essays, playing music, gardening, and stargazing. Publications have appeared in Penny Dreadful, Pivot, Psychopoetica (UK), The Nocturnal Lyric, The Quest (India) and The Aurorean.

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