Black Petals Issue #105, Autumn, 2023

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Mars-News, Views and Commentary-Chris Friend
Cards Fiction by Gene Lass
Barfly: Fiction by Gene Lass
Case Study: Fiction by Martin Taulbut
Delivery: Fiction by David Kloepfer
Joy (noun): a source of delight: Fiction by Noah Levin
Master of Dream: Fiction by Ash Ibrahim
Nightshade: Fiction by Adam Vine
Red Popsicles: Fiction by Caitlyn Pace
Temporally Closed: Fiction by J. Elliott
The Mansion Dwellers: Fiction by Robb White
Time for a Change: Fiction by Lamont A. Turner
Bernie's Friends: Flash Fiction by Phil Temples
Death Visits the Sapling Trust: Flash Fiction by Paul Radcliffe
Monster: Flash Fiction by Zvi A. Sesling
Sleep: Flash Fiction by Kurt Hohmann
Welcome, Ghouls: Flash Fiction by Cindy Rosmus
Ode to Chateau Marmont: Poem by Kenneth Vincent Walker
Cadaver Dogs: Poem by Kenneth Vincent Walker
Phases of the Moon: Poem by Kenneth Vincent Walker
The Darkest Octave: Poem by Kenneth Vincent Walker
Green Man Standing: Poem by Joseph V. Danoski
The Day That Mary Went Away: Poem by Joseph V. Danoski
The Northern Migration of Souls: Poem by Joseph V. Danoski
Gone West: Poem by Simon MacCulloch
If I Scream: Poem by Simon MacCulloch
Witchery: Poem by Simon MacCulloch
Carry On: Poem by Simon MacCulloch
The Song of the Dead: Poem by Ben Huber

Joseph V. Danoski: The Northern Migration of Souls

The Northern Migration of Souls


Joseph V. Danoski


See dim lights in the winter mist,

Figures amid the trees and drifts;

The dancers where the branches twist,

Calling me to their midnight tryst.


Coming closer when winds blow cold,

Close and closer as I grow old;

Those shapes and ghosts of driven snow

Dancing now out my night window.


They ride the north winds without form,

And cry from wings of winter storm--

The northern migration of souls unborn,

Searching for homes where hearts are warm.


The northern migration of souls

Are the birds just south of Heaven;

Hellspawn from lost battlefields,

Now the angels to Valhalla.


Ice Princess with the kiss of death

Who takes away the infant’s breath;

She comes from lands of ice and pole

To snatch another life and soul.


She promises to keep you warm,

And give you shelter from the storm;

Soft whispers in the winter wind,

And silken mists that pull you in.


Lost in depths of blinding white,

Eternally searching for the light--

Your voice now joins the howl of storm,

The northern migration of souls unborn.

Joseph V. Danoski, Dojonaki05@Netscape.Net and, lives happily on the plains of his imagination in the White Mountains of New Hampshire. Under the pen name “Jonathan Konrad,” he published his first poetry chap book, Shock Waves: Letters from the Edge, in 1987. It has been favorably reviewed and is available from the poet for $6.95. Many of his poems have also been published in his city newspaper, The Berlin Reporter, and, by request—for the 1997 Berlin Centennial—he delivered his poem “The City Built from Trees” at City Hall. Preferring speculative fiction, the author also loves writing letters and essays, playing music, gardening, and stargazing. Publications have appeared in Penny Dreadful, Pivot, Psychopoetica (UK), The Nocturnal Lyric, The Quest (India) and The Aurorean.

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