Black Petals Issue #102, Winter, 2023

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Mars-News, Views and Commentary
Betterment Day: Fiction by Malik Mandeville
Bridget Magnus: Fiction by Dean Patrick
Cemetery Road: Fiction by Richard Brown
I Quit: Fiction by Michael Stoll
Ivory Tower: Fiction by Aron Reinhold
Letter from a Poison Pen Pal: Fiction by Hillary Lyon
Neck of the Woods: Fiction by Harris Coverley
No Angels: Fiction by Kilmo
It's A Dry Heat: Fiction by Roy Dorman
Requited Love: Fiction by Travis Mushanski
Stuck in Transit: Fiction by Michael Woods
Cold Yearning: Flash Fiction by Kat Sandefer
I Married a Zombie: Flash Fiction by M. L. Fortier
Snack Time: Flash Fiction by Zvi A. Sesling
The Boy Who Loved Bolt: Flash Fiction by Ron Capshaw
The Cutting Room: Flash Fiction by Karen Schauber
Dirty Blue Bandana: Flash Fiction by Cindy Rosmus
Bidee Bodee, Bidee Beaux: Poem by Thomas Fischer
Blood of Whitechapel: Poem by Kenneth Vincent Walker
Rotten to the Core: Poem by Kenneth Vincent Walker
Seque into Shadows: Poem by Kenneth Vincent Walker
Sensitivity to Light: Poem by Kenneth Vincent Walker
Boo Hag: Poem by Richard Stevenson
Paranormal Parasites: Poem by Richard Stevenson
Huggin Molly: Poem by Richard Stevenson
In the Morgue of Memory: Poem by Hillary Lyon
Unexpected Culinary Opportunity: Poem by Daniel G. Snethen
OI (Oo-ee): Poem by Daniel G. Snethen
Plant Eater Gone Carnivorous: Poem by Daniel G. Snethen
They Shouldn't Be There: Poem by Daniel G. Snethen
The Needle Spins: Poem by Rp Verlaine
Cold: Poem by Rp Verlaine
The Sleepwalker: Poem by Rp Verlaine

Thomas Fischer: Bidee Bodee, Bidee Beaux



Thomas Fischer


Last night I took a trip

Way down below

I heard the people sayin’

Bidee Bodee, Bidee Beaux

Everybody dancing

In the pale moons glow

As everybody chanted

Bidee Bodee, Bidee Beaux


Lost my love Belinda

Half a month ago

Nothing else to do

Nowhere else to go

I stopped at the speakeasy

Down on Fifth Row

Came in through the backway

So no one else would know


Got myself a sazerac

Next a Mojito

And the madman on piano

Was bangin’ up a show

That's when this fella came to me

Creeping up real slow

Lighting up a J&R

Dressed in black head to toe


I told that man about my Bel

If he could help me, make it so

So he pulled me in and whispered

Biddee Bodee, Biddee Beaux

My body started shaking

My mind began to go

The man was grinning mad

And his eyes began to glow


Next I know we’re walking

Where the willows grow

Headstones lay at every angle

Scattered to and fro

He makes his way to Bel

Begins to whisper low

All the time the willows sing

Bidee Bodee, Bidee Beaux


I see the dirt a stirrin’

I hear the whispers slow

The man stands up and says

“Its time to start the show”

The graves start to open

The wind starts to blow

Soon enough the dead have risen

People that I know


I see my Uncle Carl

I see my old friend, Joe

My favorite little flatmate

Miss Margaret Anne Moe

And then I see Belinda

And I try to say hello

But the only thing that comes out, is

Bidee Bodee, Bidee Beaux


We have a good laugh

Because we both know

Words aren't needed

When true love is shown

I hold her hand tightly

WIsh to never let go

And we all danced together again

And sung Bidee Bodee, Bidee Beaux