Black Petals Issue #102, Winter, 2023

Editor's Page
BP Artists and Illustrators
Mars-News, Views and Commentary
Betterment Day: Fiction by Malik Mandeville
Bridget Magnus: Fiction by Dean Patrick
Cemetery Road: Fiction by Richard Brown
I Quit: Fiction by Michael Stoll
Ivory Tower: Fiction by Aron Reinhold
Letter from a Poison Pen Pal: Fiction by Hillary Lyon
Neck of the Woods: Fiction by Harris Coverley
No Angels: Fiction by Kilmo
It's A Dry Heat: Fiction by Roy Dorman
Requited Love: Fiction by Travis Mushanski
Stuck in Transit: Fiction by Michael Woods
Cold Yearning: Flash Fiction by Kat Sandefer
I Married a Zombie: Flash Fiction by M. L. Fortier
Snack Time: Flash Fiction by Zvi A. Sesling
The Boy Who Loved Bolt: Flash Fiction by Ron Capshaw
The Cutting Room: Flash Fiction by Karen Schauber
Dirty Blue Bandana: Flash Fiction by Cindy Rosmus
Bidee Bodee, Bidee Beaux: Poem by Thomas Fischer
Blood of Whitechapel: Poem by Kenneth Vincent Walker
Rotten to the Core: Poem by Kenneth Vincent Walker
Seque into Shadows: Poem by Kenneth Vincent Walker
Sensitivity to Light: Poem by Kenneth Vincent Walker
Boo Hag: Poem by Richard Stevenson
Paranormal Parasites: Poem by Richard Stevenson
Huggin Molly: Poem by Richard Stevenson
In the Morgue of Memory: Poem by Hillary Lyon
Unexpected Culinary Opportunity: Poem by Daniel G. Snethen
OI (Oo-ee): Poem by Daniel G. Snethen
Plant Eater Gone Carnivorous: Poem by Daniel G. Snethen
They Shouldn't Be There: Poem by Daniel G. Snethen
The Needle Spins: Poem by Rp Verlaine
Cold: Poem by Rp Verlaine
The Sleepwalker: Poem by Rp Verlaine

Editor's Page, Winter, 2023


Hi, guys and gals, and Happy New Year!

I know, just a little late, but it’s the first chance I’ve had since the ball dropped. And there hasn’t been much change, anyway, really. The war in Ukraine drags on and the American taxpayers continue to fund the world. The invasion of our country by undocumented aliens rolls on and nobody seems to want to do anything positive in that arena, either. So, time for escape fiction, huh?

We have a pretty impressive lineup this time around. Malik Mandeville brings us his story, Day of Betterment, in which the local kids get to participate in some strange ceremonies, indeed. In Cemetery Road by Richard Brown, the protagonist finds himself in a lot of trouble when he checks out the house across the road. The cops don’t take him seriously, but someone does…

In Michael Stoll’s I Quit, after a lifetime of abuse the guy everyone picks on finally has enough and decides to slice some meat at the deli.

Cindy Rosmus brings us one of her fine flash fiction stories in Dirty Blue Bandana, and M. L. Fortier clues us in on what it’s like to marry a zombie. Creepy stuff included in this issue, folks. And our poetry section includes sixteen excellent pieces, so you all have your work cut out for you. I’ll let you get to it…and have a great year!


Kenny Crist

Wichita, KS.