Black Petals Issue #84 Summer, 2018

Mars-News, Views and Commentary
Goodbye to Nowhere Land-Fiction by Roy Dorman
Just a Minute-Fiction by Mark Joseph Kevlock
Nobody Should Be in 1610 Maple-Fiction by Roy Dorman
Next Stop: Napper's Holler-Fiction by A.M. Stickel, Chapter 1
Next Stop: Napper's Holler-Fiction by A.M. Stickel, Chapter 2
Next Stop: Napper's Holler-Fiction by A.M. Stickel, Chapter 3
Prey-Poems by Michael Keshigian
Asunder-Poems by Mick Rose


BP #84 EDITORIAL: It’s Sigh O’clock!


By A.M. Stickel


One Minute to Midnight



Self-expression was meant to proceed logically, creatively. At present that seems to have been overruled by political expediency, greed, and interpersonal animosity: war on all fronts.

Fictional monsters can’t compare with real ones who have terrible intentions and the will to carry them out, believing God, or at least Secular Law, is on their side. Decency is caged and used for target practice. Lies are called truth, and ignorance of truth is considered progress. Walls divide us. Personal slights fester into mad dreams and acts of mass destruction. And the audience watches and applauds the drama of it all.

In an environmental death spiral, the East is drowning and the West is in flames. Where is there room to breathe and grow and build the bright future we deserve? Frozen by the fear of retaliation and/or humiliation, witnesses do not come forward, science is suppressed, and the instinct for survival at any cost overrules advancement of the human race and our planet home.

Why haven’t we realized we are a captive audience waiting for that final screen flash after which no credits will roll? We won’t even need to exit the page or sign off, and we can’t press ‘escape’. PRAY.

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