Black Petals Issue #90 Winter, 2020

Mars-News, Views and Commentary
BP Artists and Illustrators
1957-Fiction by Michael J. Moore
Black Dog-Fiction by C. P. Webster
Curse of the Candles-Fiction by Jerry Payne
Death Rattle-Fiction by Jan Cronos
Estranged-Fiction by Alan Trezza
The Return of the Ferryman-Serialized Fiction by Roy Dorman
The Scarlet Bedroom-Fiction by Daniel K. Merwin
The Soul Destroyer-Fiction by James Flynn
The Packing Bay-Flash Fiction by Kenneth James Crist
Jizo-A four-poem Japanes Theme Set by Dee Allen
Blood-Red Drops-Poem by Chris Collins
The Great Universe-Poem by Hicham El Qendouci
Female Mischief-Poem by Hillary Lyon
Worm-Poem by Hillary Lyon
The Lycanthrope's Lament-Poem by Hillary Lyon
The Sea-Poem by Jason Rice



From Editor A.M. Stickel, Leaving You for a While in 2020




Alert for God’s love

Find this life’s beauty

Embrace its disruptions

Rest in stillness

Trust in goodness

Hold fast and share often

Tune into blessings

Unveil the power of hope

Find harmony in life’s discord

Let light shine through you

Rejoice in gratitude

Break free from fear

Open the door to peace

Linked by vulnerability, offer joy

Stay positive during change

Expect the amazing

Welcome the mystery

Meet in kindness

Seek a still harbor

Commit with a full heart

Celebrate the Light

Travel toward it

Release the pressure of perfection

Cherish reality in life

Unwrap spiritual hunger

Reflect on the Good News

Welcome in Wonder

See you in Eternity!

During the time our Editor is off with some medical issues, Kenny Crist will be handling the editing chores and dealing with submissions. See current guidelines and, as always, thanks for reading!

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