Black Petals Issue #98 Winter, 2022

S. Wiseman-Rose: The World

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The World-Poem by S. Wiseman-Rose
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The World

S. Wiseman-Rose


The world’s too fast

And so am I

The flower blooms

We shine, we die

We choose a truth or choose to lie

And make prosperity laugh or cry


The world’s too rough

But I don’t show it

Time speeds up

Of course, I know it

Since I am powerless to slow it

I drop my fears and just flow with it


The world’s so sad

Dark hearts transmitter

What doesn’t kill you

Makes you bitter

We’re coins on the floor of a closed arcade

Just waiting to join the Saints parade


The world holds joy

I can attest

Fear is punishment

Take your rest

The ravenous wolves at the door have guessed

Forgive them all and call them blessed

Sophia Wiseman-Rose was born in the USA, to a literary and musical family, and spent most of her life in the UK. She has studied medicine and the arts and is a mother of 4 grown, beautiful, children. She is currently a Paramedic, an Episcopal Nun and a poet. 

She has written for online blog On Holy Ground and Kings Poetry Society, Kings College London.

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