Black Petals Issue #98 Winter, 2022

Meg Smith: Failed Conjuring

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Lover's Meadow-Poem by Brielle Amick
Scarecrow in Female-Poem by Meg Smith
Regards to Buzzards-Poem by Meg Smith
Failed Conjuring-Poem by Meg Smith
Missing Among Wildflowers-Poem by Meg Smith
Lords of Extinction-Poem by Meg Smith

Failed Conjuring


Meg Smith


Every time she draws a red circle around us,

She shouts at the light, the terrible hollow

of our bones and breath.

What more can we do, knowing these prayers

always end in fire? No running, no sleep.

One day we will settle it all

with a dropped match.

Meg Smith is a writer, journalist, dancer and events producer living in Lowell, Mass.

In addition to previously appearing in Black Petals, her poetry has appeared in The Cafe Review, Pudding, Poetry Bay, The Horror Zine, Bewildering Stories, Strange Horizons, Dreams & Nightmares, The Dwarf Stars anthology of the Science Fiction and Fantasy Poetry Association, and many more.

She is the author of five poetry books, and her first collection of short fiction, The Plague Confessor, is due out in fall 2020. She welcomes visits to

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