Black Petals Issue #98 Winter, 2022

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Mars-News, Views and Commentary
Worm Food-Fiction by Michael Dority
Bells in the Woods-Fiction by Richard Brown
The Smiling Dead-Fiction by Guido Eekhaut
Beneath-Fiction by Samantha Brooke
The Reality Engine-Fiction by M.T. Johnson
Bug-Fiction by David Starobin
The Family Upstairs-Fiction by Ally Schwam
Hoola-Fiction by Lamont A. Turner
The Barber Shop-Fiction by Roy Dorman
On the Corner of 15th and Jackson-Fiction by Kat Vatne
Prisoners-Fiction by Paul Lee
Twinkles-Flash Fiction by Cindy Rosmus
Party-Time Trio-Flash Fiction by Hillary Lyon
Shadowed Soul-Flash Fiction by Jess Boaden
5G Generation-Poem by Joseph Danoski
Creature of Habit-Poem by Joseph Danoski
Joe Schmoe & Jayne Doe-Poem by Joseph Danoski
The World-Poem by S. Wiseman-Rose
Exquisite Corpse-Villanelle-Poem by S. Wiseman-Rose
Edwardian-Poem by S. Wiseman-Rose
Bloody Fingers-Poem by Kenneth Vincent Walker
Pathway Down-Poem by Kenneth Vincent Walker
Another Red Nightmare-Poem by Kenneth Vincent Walker
The Avenue of Pines (Re-visited)-Poem by Kenneth Vincent Walker
Lover's Meadow-Poem by Brielle Amick
Scarecrow in Female-Poem by Meg Smith
Regards to Buzzards-Poem by Meg Smith
Failed Conjuring-Poem by Meg Smith
Missing Among Wildflowers-Poem by Meg Smith
Lords of Extinction-Poem by Meg Smith

Issue #98, Winter, 2022

Cindy Rosmus and your Editor, Bayonne, NJ

…and we’re off to a rollicking start to 2022. I hope everyone had a great Christmas and New Year celebration. This is issue #98 from Black Petals and if you’ve looked over the selection of great stuff, you’ve probably noticed we have a lot of poetry this time around. That’s okay though, we managed to find some that will give that chill we know you’re looking for.

As for stories, there are some newcomers and some writers who are part of the family. Richard Brown brings us Bells in the Woods, a tale that starts out weirdly with a bathtub out in the forest and just gets weirder as it goes along.

Stealthy insects are the problem in David Starobin’s Bug, and if doesn’t creep you out at least a little, then you really are strange.

Then there’s On the Corner of 15th and Jackson, by Kat Vatne, where there’s this house, and everyone says it’s haunted. What’s really in there? Well, I’ll let you read it. No spoilers here.

Prisoners finally get free in Paul Lee’s tale of human-rat hybrids and hi jinks ensue…or maybe they just crave normalcy.

And in M. T. Johnson’s Reality Engine, Carl drags home yet another strange toy, but he will pay for this one more than once.

Great stuff in this issue and great illustrations, too. Our usual gang of artists are here to add their own take on our stories and you should please welcome our newest art contributor, Bernice Holtzman, who is a friend of Cindy Rosmus, the editor at Yellow Mama, our sister magazine and the BP art director. Glad to have you aboard, Bernice!

Anyway, I’ll shut up and leave you to it, Constant Readers and as always, if you need to send us a story or poem, or just want to comment, we are at, so drop us a line if you like. Thanks for reading!

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