Black Petals Issue #89 Autumn, 2019

Mars-Chris Friend
BP Artists and Illustrators
A Tale of the Dark Web-Fiction by Blair Frison
Drop, Pt. 2: Help Thy Neighbor-Fiction by Michael Mulvihill
Gas Stop-Fiction by Kenneth James Crist
Grandad's Legacy-Fiction by Jan Cronos
Hive-Fiction by Dan Cardoza
My Nighttime Parents-Fiction by Malik Mandeville
Orphans at the Dark Door-Fiction by Roy Dorman
The News that Night-Fiction by June Driver
The Raft-Fiction by Stephen Caesar
The Voice from the Dark-Fiction by Scott Kimak
Dear Pneumonia-Two poems by Michael Mulvihill
The Well-Poem by Jason Rice

Autumn, 2019

Original Cover art by Mike Kerins 2019


Black Petals, Issue #89

    Wow! Eighty-nine times, we've done this and still going strong. Black Petals has become one of the oldest web zines still crankin' out stories and poetry. Did our first issue, with a cover drawn in pencil in 1997.
    This time, we've added a feature just below the home page: We are getting quite a bit of help from some of the same artists who provide artwork for our sister zine, Yellow Mama and we always feel these very talented people deserve recognition, so we now have a page to recognize all the artists and illustrators. We plan to add to this each issue, so if you like their work, you can go check them out. Many have websites of their own listed or email addresses where you can speak with the artists and let them know we appreciate their efforts.
    There's a pretty good lineup of stories and a few good poems for you to enjoy this time around. Blair Frison starts us off with A Tale of the Dark Web. Nothing good goes on over there, right?
    Mike Mulvihill is back with his Drop, Pt 2: Help Thy Neighbor. I certainly hope this chilling prediction of war doesn't come true! My own story, Gas Stop, is in third place, an adventure in Nebraska, most boring place in the world, right? But not this time...
    Grandad's Legacy is a story about a gambler's bargain by Jan Cronos and Hive, by Dan Cardoza is a swarm of madness.
    My Nighttime Parents is a waking nightmare, skillfully told by Malik Mandeville and Orphans at the Dark Door is another serial tale by Roy Dorman, a BP regular.
     The News That Night is a chilling tale by June Driver in which a white cat figures and The Raft, by Stephen Caesar takes us to the Sargasso Sea, where things bump up underneath.
    The Voice from the Dark has demonic designs in a tale by Scott Simak and in our poetry log, Mike Mulvihill is back with, Dear Pneumonia and Ghost of Chelmno. Last, but not least, Poet Jason Rice brings us The Well.
    I certainly hope you guys and gals enjoy this issue and we will look forward to getting with you again next time. Kenny =)

Wichita, KS   10/14/2019

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