Black Petals Issue #103, Spring, 2023

Editorial Page
Editor's Page
BP Artists and Illustrators
Mars-News, Views and Commentary
All the Sky Is Waiting to Be Told: Fiction by Daniel I. Clark
Fire Sale: Fiction by Christopher Pate
Kregah: Fiction by Ron Capshaw
The Beauty of Machinery: Fiction by Hayden Seay
The Cold Sore: Fiction by Chris McGuinness
The Lake: Fiction by Harper Hargis
The Price: Fiction by Josh Hanson
The Tailbone Is Connected to the Hipbone: Fiction by Michael Fowler
The Thorn Tree: Fiction by Lawrence Buentello
They: Fiction by Tony Ayers
Work Experience: Fiction by Martin Taulbut
Burns: 3 Connected Drabbles by Hillary Lyon
Grandma Medusa: Flash Fiction by M. L. Fortier
I'm So Sorry, Computer: Flash Fiction by M. L. Fortier
Invasive: Flash Fiction by Paul Radcliffe
Jumper: Flash Fiction by Kurt Hohmann
Personal Things: Flash Fiction by Cindy Rosmus
The Good Doctor: Flash Fiction by Ron Capshaw
Another Tomato Invasion, Again: Poem by I. N. Shimabuku
Curse of the Crazies: Poem by Kenneth Vincent Walker
Ghosted: Poem by Kenneth Vincent Walker
Meteor Moon: Poem by Kenneth Vincent Walker
Halo Around the Sun: Poem by Kenneth Vincent Walker
Maker's Image: Poem by Bindi Lavelle
Specimen: Poem by Bindi Lavelle
Blood-stained Jupiter: Poem by Meg Smith
Cat Science: Poem by Meg Smith
Mortician's Powder: Poem by Meg Smith
The Pinups of the Afterlife: Poem by Meg Smith
Dark Gate Park: Poem by Meg Smith
A turntable fabricates hope during the apocalypse in 3 parts: Poem by Dennis Bagwell
Reverend Mother Munchausen: Poem by Sophia Wiseman-Rose
Whispers of Winter: Poem by Ashley N. Goodwin
A Man Is Nothing Without His Wife: Poem by Ashley N. Goodwin

Editor's Page—April 15th, 2023


Hi, Ladies and Gents! Hey, today's the day. Yep, if ya didn't get yer taxes in or ya haven't gotten an extension, those 89,000 new IRS agents are gonna be out there trackin ya down, and I feel sorry for ya.

Tell ya what, things are so messed up right now, that my tax prep people automatically file for an extension on every one of their customers now. Things just keep getting more interesting, huh?

Well, as you know by now, in January we lost one of our treasured employees. Ann Marie Rhiel lost a battle with cancer and passed away. She had become such a fixture at Black Petals and our sister mag, Yellow Mama, that we have been a bit lost, but we have taken on new talent.

Hillary Lyon-Assistant Art Director

Please welcome to the Black Petals staff, Hillary Lyon. Hillary has been a contributor of both superior artwork and great stories for some time now and we’re just tickled to have her aboard.

If you submit stories or flash fiction and your piece is accepted, you can count on being contacted by Hillary.

So, this is issue #103 and in our lineup this time we take a look at future worlds in Daniel Clark’s All the Sky is Waiting to be Told, and we visit a department store where the mannequins are causing trouble for Ernesto in Christopher Pate’s Fire Sale.

Ron Capshaw is back, not once but twice with his tale of a jungle personality, Kregah, and his flash fiction piece, The Good Doctor, a tale of a spy who meets his match when an old friend comes back to visit. In The Cold Sore, Chris McGuinness shows us madness on a scale to be shuddered at and Harper Hargis takes us to The Lake, where his protagonist meets a very strange lady, indeed.

Well, you get the picture. Once again, we have a great lineup of good stories and poetry and rather than take up your time describing them, I’ll let you get to it.

Thanks for visiting and come back often. You know, in our archives we keep the last ten issues, so you can read until you get sleepy…

Wichita, KS  4/14/23

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