Black Petals Issue #92, Summer, 2020

BP Artist's Page
Mars-Chris Friend
Misty Page-A Game of Chess
Sean M. Carey-Chilled Bones Under Lovely Skin
Roy Dorman-Death in the Round Room, Part IV
Lael Braday-Magical Perspective
Matt Spangler-Master Smasher
Lena Abou-Khalil-The Nowhere Man
Grace Sielinski-'Port
Gavin McGarvey-The Black Petals
Marc Dickerson-Theater is Dead
C. S. Harbold-The Whispering
Dean Patrick-Vincent's Warning
Doug Park-We Get Him Together
Joseph Hurtgen-Worlds to Conquer
Mickie Bolling-Burke-The Bringer of Darkness
Aaron Hicks-The Last Days
Cindy Rosmus-Out of Juice
Matthew Wilson-Endless Men's Hate
Michael Steven-Hell Rift
Sean Goulding-Hypnagogic
David C. Kopaska-Merkel-In the Land of Giants
Loris John Fazio-The Thing in the Woods
Loris John Fazio-The Beggar Knows
Richard Stevenson-Peg Leg
Richard Stevenson-The Alkali Lake Monster
Richard Stevenson-The Green Man

July 15th, 2020—Kenny Crist, Editor Emeritus



Yes, Boys and Girls, here we are again. Issue number 92 is up and running. For any newbies who might stop by, this has been going on for 23 years now, the first ten in print before we got tired of losing money and wised up.

Then we went to the web and we’ve been right here all this time. For the last 14 years, Anne Stickel has been your editor and I have taken care of the webmaster chores for both BP and our sister mag, Yellow Mama. Anne is on leave right now, so you’re all stuck with me.

I had a lot of great submissions this last time around which has allowed me to publish some really good stuff and as usual, our team of artists have done a great job illustrating the stories. Our thanks go out to the crew once again—wonderful job, guys and gals.

There have been times in the past, I have to confess, when I have thought seriously about shutting down Fossil Publications entirely, but then, since the Covid 19 hit, suddenly I find myself in an advantageous position. I have something useful and creative to do with my time and I can more easily avoid boredom than some people who have nothing to do.

I’m not going to get into my own opinions about the virus and its implications, or the politics involved or the media hype. We run a horror/science fiction magazine here and we’ll try to stay out of all that other stuff. We have a good supply of masks, and having retired from a job at a major hospital/trauma center, I was no stranger to masks, other PPE and universal precautions. Not near as big a problem for me as for many others.

So, hang in there, kiddos (I can say that because I just turned 76 and to me, most of you are youngsters) and this too, shall pass. And when your grandkids someday are at your knee and they ask, “what did you do during the great Covid Pandemic, Grampa?” You can tell them about reading Black Petals and Yellow Mama online and being entertained for at least a little while. Have fun and for you writers, keep that good stuff coming our way…

Wichita, KS  7/14/2020

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