Black Petals Issue #103, Spring, 2023

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Mars-News, Views and Commentary
All the Sky Is Waiting to Be Told: Fiction by Daniel I. Clark
Fire Sale: Fiction by Christopher Pate
Kregah: Fiction by Ron Capshaw
The Beauty of Machinery: Fiction by Hayden Seay
The Cold Sore: Fiction by Chris McGuinness
The Lake: Fiction by Harper Hargis
The Price: Fiction by Josh Hanson
The Tailbone Is Connected to the Hipbone: Fiction by Michael Fowler
The Thorn Tree: Fiction by Lawrence Buentello
They: Fiction by Tony Ayers
Work Experience: Fiction by Martin Taulbut
Burns: 3 Connected Drabbles by Hillary Lyon
Grandma Medusa: Flash Fiction by M. L. Fortier
I'm So Sorry, Computer: Flash Fiction by M. L. Fortier
Invasive: Flash Fiction by Paul Radcliffe
Jumper: Flash Fiction by Kurt Hohmann
Personal Things: Flash Fiction by Cindy Rosmus
The Good Doctor: Flash Fiction by Ron Capshaw
Another Tomato Invasion, Again: Poem by I. N. Shimabuku
Curse of the Crazies: Poem by Kenneth Vincent Walker
Ghosted: Poem by Kenneth Vincent Walker
Meteor Moon: Poem by Kenneth Vincent Walker
Halo Around the Sun: Poem by Kenneth Vincent Walker
Maker's Image: Poem by Bindi Lavelle
Specimen: Poem by Bindi Lavelle
Blood-stained Jupiter: Poem by Meg Smith
Cat Science: Poem by Meg Smith
Mortician's Powder: Poem by Meg Smith
The Pinups of the Afterlife: Poem by Meg Smith
Dark Gate Park: Poem by Meg Smith
A turntable fabricates hope during the apocalypse in 3 parts: Poem by Dennis Bagwell
Reverend Mother Munchausen: Poem by Sophia Wiseman-Rose
Whispers of Winter: Poem by Ashley N. Goodwin
A Man Is Nothing Without His Wife: Poem by Ashley N. Goodwin

Dennis Bagwell: A turntable fabricates hope during the apocalypse in 3 parts

A turntable fabricates hope during the apocalypse in 3 parts


Dennis Bagwell


In the waning days of the apocalypse, a lone zombie shambles, (as we know they do), down deserted alleys, through broken glass, past buildings pock-marked with the terrors of war.

Hoping for an opportunistic meal of blood and viscera to keep him going one more day.


Off in the distance, a scratchy punk record revolves on a still-living turntable.

Its raw sounds gliding on the fall breeze, sparking a few lone neurons in the zombie’s decaying brain. Reminding it, if only faintly and briefly, of a life it once knew.

It recognizes the song. The pounding drums, the buzz of guitar, the snotty singers raw, angry rant about something political.

It shambles towards its melodious savior, past shattered windows, under streetlights no longer working.

Its once bright green mohawk faded and matted to the side of its maggot-encrusted head. An Exploited T-shirt rotten and falling apart. 


It shambles closer to the music, as it rounds a corner. There on the 4th floor. A light still burns. The record still turns.

A head emerges in the window. It yells something it can no longer comprehend. A loud blast.

The left side of the zombie’s head explodes in blood and decaying brain matter all over the wall behind it.

As it slumps against the wall, the last few seconds of its life ebbing away quickly, it can hear the punk rock song lull it off to black eternity...

“I use the enemy, I use anarchy” …


Manifesto  manəˈfestō,  noun. a public declaration of policy and aims
Dennis is a politically incorrect, mad at the world, X Generation, heathen, musician, and writer from Orange County California. Dennis moved to North Georgia in 2007 and is quietly preparing for the inevitable zombie apocalypse. He has been writing in one form or another since high school. His warped rantings and observations about the cesspool of a world we are surviving in keeps his spiraling descent into madness at bay.

Dennis has had his poetry published by the League of American Poets, the American Poets Society, The Horrorzine, 63Channels, Black Petals, Death Head Grin, Word Salad Poetry Magazine and Tree Killer Ink, Yellow Mama, blah, blah, blah! He has released two spoken-word CD's, A Random Litter of Thought (2006) and Paid in Full (2007) on Batteryface Records. A short film of Dennis’ poem Hollywood was made available to coincide with the release of Paid in Full.

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