Black Petals Issue #99, Spring, 2022

Editor's Page
Editor's Page
Artist's Page
Mars-News, Views and Commentary
Are You Full? Fiction by James Kompany
Bunker-Fiction by Ron Capshaw
Buy Here, Pay Here-Fiction by Kim Bonner
The Church of the Coyotes Who Would be Wolves-Fiction by Roy Dorman
Elm Mills-Fiction by Mack Severns
Hearts in the Gutter-Fiction by Lamont Turner
Midnight Espresso-Fiction by David Starobin
Spider Bite-Fiction by N. G. Leonetti
Test Tube Babies-Fiction by Kilmo
Witches' Jubilee-Fiction by Hillary Lyon
Biter: A Love Story-Flash Fiction by Harris Coverley
New Mail-Flash Fiction by Eddie D. Moore
Reasons Not to Wake Up a Sleeping Beggar in the Morning-Flash Fiction by Marcelo Medone
While I was Frozen-Flash Fiction by K. A. Williams
Woodshop for Werewolves-Flash Fiction by Mark Jabaut
Bruja-Flash Fiction by Cindy Rosmus
First Light-Poem by Jeffrey Park
Soul Music-Poem by Jeffrey Park
Stalker-Poem by Jeffrey Park
Zombies in Space-Poem by Jeffrey Park
Bleeding Senses-Poem by Jess Boaden
I'd Like to Speak to the Manager-Poem by Carl E. Reed
The Woods (Behind My House)-Poem by Kenneth Vincent Walker
Nocturnal Mode-Poem by Kenneth Vincent Walker
When I Find You-Poem by Kenneth Vincent Walker
Ethereal-Poem by Kenneth Vincent Walker
Fall-Poem by Mike Edele
Death-Poem by Mike Edele
Where Will You Be-Poem by Mike Edele
Giant Cockroach-Poem by Richard Stevenson
The Allegewi-Poem by Richard Stevenson
Tokoloshe-Poem by Richard Stevenson
The Ghoul-Poem by Richard Stevenson

April 15th, 2022


     Hi, and welcome back! This is issue number 99! One more issue and we will reach the twenty-five year mark for Black Petals. When Editor D. M. Yorton started this thing, printing it in her basement in Manitowoc, Wisconsin, I know she never figured it would last nearly as long as it has. She was publishing magazines to get herself and her family through the winter. Called her venture "Basement Insanities Group." I got my first story published there and within a year she passed the magazine on to me.
     We've got a heck of a lineup for you, Constant Readers. We've got Coyotes and Werewolves and trees that are sentient. Kim Bonner introduces us to THE DREAD in her story, Buy Here, Pay Here.
     Lamont Turner takes us on a trip down into the sewer in Hearts in the Gutter, and David Starobin takes us to a strange little coffee shop where there is a secret ingredient in the Midnight Espresso.
       Once again this issue, we're a little heavy on poetry, but I know you don't really mind.
      One thing I do want to call to your attention and I'm taking a serious turn here, readers. Be sure to read Woodshop for Werewolves. After I accepted Mark Jabaut's story, I'm sad to say he passed away and I was unaware of it until I sent an email asking for bio information. Mark's wife graciously let us run the story and I'm hoping she may submit more later in Mark's memory.
     Remember, if you have comments (or complaints) or you want to submit a story or poem for our consideration, we're still at . Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoy our issue.

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