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by Thomas Zimmerman



Your mother’s favorite color.

Joni’s greatest record.


and sky

reflected in the water.

Unoxygenated blood.


A lonesomeness,

an inwardness,

a bruise,

sweet ache,

and easy riffing:


blue ribbon

blue pencil

blue collar

blue moon


the boys in blue

out of the blue

blue in the face

the wild blue yonder


true blue

blue blazes


blue-haired lady


Kind of Blue

Midnight Blue

Blue Train

Two Steps from the Blues


blue note

blue spruce

blue movie

beaten black and blue


The skim-milk hue

of white folks’ legs in summer.


“Too full o’ th’ milk

of human kindness.”



And the stars that fleck

your one woke eye.

Fighting Off the Wise


by Thomas Zimmerman



Since life’s at last smoothed out for him, he thinks

his sullen art should have more bite. And damned

Chopin is on the stereo again.

The major keys can make a person feel

a fresh world’s breeze and birdsong, pulse and breath.

The minor, though, they shade the shadow, dim

the dark. He finds this richer, deeper, strange,

a mate for his persona, fighting off

the wise. He contemplates his latest sketch:

a long-necked woman, dark hair parted down

the middle, forehead creased and eyebrows thick.

Eyes close-set, large, and ringed by . . . grief? ennui?

fatigue? The mouth, however, full-lipped, smiling.

Oh to tear the page to shreds. He can’t.

Horses in the Dark


by Thomas Zimmerman



The water rushing in, a tide, a flood:

unconscious mind. I dive, dream-lathered now,

my conscience sparking blue despite the blood

that flushes me, the wet that weeps, and—wow!—

I’ve been asleep so many years. I lean

against the darkness, let it straddle me

to spur, to gouge—my ass, my back, my spleen.

Like being broken in the dark. The sea-

tossed spume on moon-stung sand’s a bright white mane.

The hoof-kick’s quick and dashes out the brain. . . . 

We prance in rain that sluices all the shit-

clogged gutters clean. Parisians ride gas-lit

above the catacombs. We hail Baudelaire,

who promises he’ll take us anywhere.




Thomas Zimmerman (he/him) teaches English, directs the Writing Center, and edits The Big Windows Review at Washtenaw Community College, in Ann Arbor, Michigan, USA. His poems have appeared recently in Haven SpeculativeSledgehammer, and Spellbinder. Tom's website:  https:/  

Twitter: @bwr_tom   Instagram: tzman2012

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