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by Jack Garrett


The kitchen is alive with sounds

refrigerator humming

Steam pipes hissing, gaining in pressure and in pitch

Then, as if they were about to explode, they suddenly release their pressure in a long orgasmic sigh.

A baby rat crawls around in the stove

Another, possibly larger, I can hear near a hole in the wall that the plumber made.


Sometimes, when there's a lot of shit in the sink, there are so many roaches crawling around

on the pots, pans, and silverware, that I can actually hear them all moving around.


When my ear removes itself from its immediate space, I can hear the junkies upstairs, clomping around,

calling for their fucking cat, yelling, fighting, clomping up and down the fucking stairs

yelling "Meow, Meow."

There's definitely some kind of rodent by the refrigerator, I can hear him moving.

The refrigerator just shut off.




Jack Garrett

7 Ways of Seeing a Scar


by Jack Garrett


Don't see the scar

Imagine the scar's edges

being smoothed by fine grade 


Imagine the scar standing naked

without a body to imbed its root

Imagine the moment of impact

when the flesh exploded

leaving the scar like a hungry

leech tooth mark on a sinking shark

Imagine moving the scar

to another part of your body

Imagine the scar

escaping in a trail

of wounded pus

See the scar's death mask

as she screams


Jack Garrett

Freddy on 14th Street


by Jack Garrett


Dead feet, dangling from the gurney

Dead hand, poking out the sheet

Gotta walk by the funeral parlor

as I walk down 14th St.

Old man Freddy, he’s sittin on the steps

80 years old and he’s cookin in the sun

I asked him why is he sittin by the parlor

Sittin on the steps on 14th St.

He said he’s near so why not be nearer

sittin by the parlor, cookin in the sun.

The undertakers smile as I walk on by

Smilin at me & Freddy on 14th St.



Jack Garrett


Jack Garrett was an artist, actor, writer, and musician extraordinaire. He played keyboards and guitar for several rock bands well known in the downtown NYC area during the 1970s and ‘80s and opened for the Ramones as well as for U2 with his band the Nitecaps during U2’s 1980s European tour. He leaves a treasure trove of art, music, and writing. Mr. Garrett had been put on warning at more than one job for doodling at his desk.

He passed on September 28, 2011.

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