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dark winter blues


by J. J. Campbell



endless grief

on these days


cold, dark winter

blues ripping the

night open with

heartbreak and



the old lovers

come armed

to the teeth


they are out

for their pound

of flesh


you’re too cool

to play the victim


the sharp tongue

ready for any



certain assholes

know how much

fun it is to burn

the fucking bridges

with people still

on it

in this damn void

by J. J. Campbell


another morning

that the world

didn’t end while

i was sleeping


yet another cup

of coffee that

isn’t strong



trapped in this

damn void


destined for nothing

other than empty

promises and

endless suffering


love is a myth



one of those tales

you tell children

to give them hope

in the back of my brain


by J. J. Campbell



searching for the words


some emotion that

describes the moment


some desire tucked deep

in the back of my brain


cheating death


running out the clock

on life


all my dreams have

been ruined before

i even got the chance

to have them


another bleary winter



the love of your life

somewhere unknown

to you


rinse and repeat


does nothing change

because i enjoy the

madness or i don’t

deserve any better

than this

in this digital society



by J. J. Campbell



first day of spring


frost in the morning


sunshine all afternoon


the spanish princess

seems like a lost



the muse comes and

goes like a cold wind


did you ever have a

dream so vivid that

it became a nightmare


every lost soul knows

the same three chords


subtle beauty gets lost

in this digital society


not sure which emoji

is used for that one

the lasting angst


by J. J. Campbell



soft black skin


monday afternoon

thirty some years



your lips tasted

like cherries


i always dreamt

the rest of you

did as well


lost chances

and the lasting

angst of what

could have been


time was supposed

to heal all this shit


more lies i guess


so children don’t

worry and have

ulcers before they

graduate high school



the sock drawer


by J. J. Campbell



i remember the first time i found

where my father hid his cash


he always was a simple fuck so

the sock drawer was the first place

i looked


a stack of twenties as high as the drawer


i took one and would continue to take

one every couple of weeks until my parents

got divorced


he paid for most of the alcohol, the music,

the drugs, the concert tickets and the books


the endless amount of books


i never thanked him for being a dumb fuck


he stopped talking to me long before he died


i still have dreams of setting the casket on fire


he’s buried at the veteran’s cemetery along

with his second wife


or how i like to think of it


the second family he ruined


i still have some of the books and music

those twenties bought back in the day


i wish i still had the drugs

i squeezed more creativity out of the

neon than i could ever imagine

J.J. Campbell (1976 –?) is old enough to know better. He's been widely published over the years, most recently at Black Coffee Review, Synchronized Chaos, The Black Shamrock, Horror Sleaze Trash, and The Beatnik Cowboy. You can find him most days on his mildly entertaining blog, evil delights. (

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