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Job Requirement


by Damon Hubbs


the guy my wife hired to do the job sat in his van—

Heating & Sons, a white number with rust creeping

the wheel well like phlox —fucking around on his


phone and watching the neighbor’s daughter do

cartwheels in the yard. The daughter has really

grown up this summer so I can understand his


interest. The guy in the van doesn’t know I’m

watching him from my desk on the second floor

but I’m pretty sure my neighbor has caught me


watching his hot little daughter too, a blossom 

in our princedom by the sea where watching is

a neighborhood event like a block party or school


raffle or a Saturday bake sale for Mrs. McKnight’s

cancer recurrence. The doorbell finally rings around

10:20 AM and when I open the door I think to myself


really, a guy like this can’t fill the job requirement.

And I’m right. As soon as he reaches into his tool

bag for the taser and lead pipe I’ve got him on the


living room floor half-choked out. In hindsight,

tenderizing his frontal lobe with a marble ashtray

might have been too much. But my wife loved

that ashtray. It used to be shaped like a turtle.

Year of the Rabbit


by Damon Hubbs





& burn



St., chasing

a rabbit

with a strong jaw

& a foot

like a gun

that doesn’t jam


I watch




the midnight



try to


the angles

on the best way

to cheat




Marathon Key


by Damon Hubbs


from the back cabana

the sun drops like a doomed voyage

by balloon


we disrupt leisure

with danger

on the edge of the continent


salvage work, really

but who owes what

to whom


autopsying in the glare 

nothing connects,

it coincides


a bellwether

for the imps & iguanas

to hold high carnival



by Damon Hubbs


eight yrs old & hawking pretzels

on the corner of Aldine St

for his father, The Roofer


pretzels the watchword for tickets

to Newark’s East Ward street races,

The Roofer the guy who fixes those races


father liked a straight shot

never drive a crooked road, he’d say

little good it did                          


he ended up touge

like sourdough in a trash

compactor in Little Rhody

Times Argus


by Damon Hubbs


the paper isn’t the hundred-eyed

Greek giant its name suggests 

and that’s how Jimmy

got away with it for so long


he’d worked the sports beat for years

covering Double-A games

down at Damaschke Field.

Jimmy knew the park well


he knew where the high school girls

got picked up for soccer practice and 

how long it took their parents to get there.

Jimmy knew the way Umbros fit the leg


the touch

the dribble

pink high gloss and matte

rubbing the sheer afternoon sunlight


he knew if one

of the girls walked home alone

backpack over her shoulder

taking the shortcut


to a cold

mutilated mattress

in a dark, locked



Damon Hubbs: film & art lover / pie bird collector / author of the chapbook The Day Sharks Walk on Land (Alien Buddha Press). His second chapbook, Charm of Difference, is forthcoming in 2024 (Back Room Poetry). Recent poems have been featured in South Broadway PressLothlorien Poetry JournalFixator PressOtoliths, Apocalypse Confidential, and Book of Matches. He lives in New England. @damon_hubs

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